Most people prefer motorcycles over cars because of its low cost for maintenance, ease of commuting and to manage traffic. At the same time, they require frequent repairs as they are more prone to damages and compared to cars and need proper maintenance. So for a more fulfilling and longer life of your motorcycle, you need to decide to take control and care of your motorcycle’s maintenance. Some issues doesn’t require an expert to fix and can be done easily with a simple guidance.

Keeping your motorcycle in good condition

Timely maintenance is key for the longevity of your bike. Some people prefer self-maintenance, using the manufacturer’s manual and looking up Alternatively, an experienced mechanic can be helpful. The repair and maintenance may be costly but in the long run it will be helpful.

Parts to check regularly

Tires – They should be correctly filled to the recommended air volume as it balances the motorcycle and maneuvers perfectly. Check the tire pressure using a tire gauge.

Filtering fuel – the filter needs to be kept clean without clogs and changed every 2 years. It’s best to use the company parts to ensure longevity.

Brakes – to avoid accidents it should be perfectly placed. For smooth brakes it should be changed annually. The brake pads should be maintained at the correct thickness.

Chain – on a monthly basis, the chain tension and lubrication should be checked. The chain should be lubricated at regular intervals. The control cable should be checked and adjusted every two months.

Battery – it should always be fully charged and the fluid level maintained. You should always recharge the battery when the light becomes dim or when the ignition sounds weak. It’s good to check the connection of the cables for loose grip and clogs in the exhaustion. Conduct a monthly hydrometer test on your hydrometer. Following the manufacturer’s schedules for maintenance is better, to achieve best performance.

Repairing on-time to prevent further damages

The earlier the better. It’s always best to deal with the issues as they occur before they get worse and become irreparable. Little problems like oil leak, may cause serious engine damages in the long run. Consult an experienced technician, if the damages are more complex because most times each model vehicle has its own repairs and need precise attention. Spending a little cash right at the present moment is better than dealing with irreparable damages later.

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