Do you own a car? If you do, then the one thing you don’t want is to find that your vehicle has failed its MOT. If you look after your car, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, one slip and your car might fail its MOT. Knowing why cars fail the MOT test and preparing for it is where test and service centres like CMH cars can help.

The Need for Testing

While you hope your vehicle will pass its MOT, there’s always the chance of it failing. You need to get your vehicle tested if it’s three years old or it’s been 12 months since the last test. The MOT test confirms that your car meets the required environmental and road safety standards. Finding and booking a test is straightforward. For example, if you live in St Helens, typing ‘MOT centre ST Helens’ into a search engine will return details of approved test centres in the area.

Main Reasons for Failing

Why your vehicle might fail an MOT is often due to things that are avoidable. Although some of the problems you can probably fix yourself, others will require the services of a professional. According to the DVSA, the main reasons for MOT failures are:

  1. Lights not working.

Simple problems like a vehicle’s lights and indicators not working can mean an MOT fail. The cause could be a blown bulb. The solution is to check that all bulbs light up when you activate them. If any do not work, it’s important to replace them before the MOT.

  1. Tyres

Car’s tyres that don’t have the minimum legal tread depth on them will result in an MOT fail. The tyres also need setting to the correct pressure, as well as being free from damage such as cuts and bulges for example.

  1. Driver’s view

If you can’t see out of your vehicle, you’re going to fail the MOT. This means checking that your windscreen wipers and washers work. Also, important is making sure that your view from the windscreen is kept clear. Any objects or any chips or cracks blocking the windshield will need to be fixed.

The list of reasons for an MOT fail isn’t limited to just the most common ones as testing involves checking at least sixteen components.

Avoiding Failure

While most vehicles will pass an MOT test, at least a third will fail. It’s possible to avoid a fail and the hassle that goes with it. The best thing you can do is to have your vehicle serviced. Doing so allows you to fix any problems before the test.

And Finally

If you work or live in St Helens, it’s worth thinking about booking a St Helens MOT test and service. Doing so means saving money and ensures that you can legally drive your vehicle on the road.

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