If you hear anyone talking about a TVR Tuscan you will definitely hear the word crazy in every sentence. It’s a crazy car and this is one of the best descriptions you could give. It is not eco-friendly or perfect for urban driving. It’s made to go fast and you will love every minute spent behind its wheel. Without further introduction let’s find out some more information about it.

The company TVR was founded in 1947 when Jack Pickard joined Trevcar Motors. It started by doing general cars engineering under the name of TVR Engineering. They produced a few projects at first that didn’t go very well but until 70’s the company was starting to do pretty decent. The next years the company changed it’s owners many times until Peter Wheeler came. He produced some great cars including the crazy Tuscan.

The Tuscan was produced between 1999 and 2006. It has a five gear manual gearbox and it puts his power to the back wheels. There aren’t many safety features on the Tuscan because the manufacturers determined that some cars are safer without some systems. It produces about 400hp and it weighs 1100kg. It can reach 60mph in about 3.9 seconds which is really impressive. If you want to feel the speed of a TVR Tuscan then visit bluechipcarhire.co.uk to hire one right now.

This car is controversial because it’s not practical, it’s not a car you could use on a daily basis, and it’s not that safe. But this car wasn’t made for that, it was made for only one thing. To go fast! And it does itreally good. It is a car that can go fast on a track and that you will love to drive. If you already have a car that is safe, that you drive your kids to school with and that you know it’s reliable and you have the money to buy a Tuscan do it right now. Other ways the best thing you should do is to go for a TVR Tuscan hire.

You can find lots of different fast car hire companies where you can hire a TVR Tuscan. Blue Chip Car Hire is the place where you should go if you want to rent a prestige car hire like a TVR Tuscan in the UK. They are based in London but they can deliver your dream car anywhere in the UK. They have a big fleet of supercars where you can find the perfect one for you.

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