In case your much like me getting a clear and sharp searching vehicle is essential. You are taking your vehicle to obtain washed and detailed, you may also spend the cash to achieve the vehicle repainted, simply to have that showroom floor look. All of this washing and polishing could make your paint look wonderful, but could ruin your tail light lenses. Today we’ll outline what must be done to shine your tail lights to provide them a much better than new shine.

The supplies needed to get this done project are relatively cheap, most of which you might curently have throughout the house. The remainder of them can be simply acquired out of your local home improvement store or auto body supply house. You’ll need some 400 grit wet sanding paper, a buffing wheel, a buffer to mount it to, a clear terry cloth towel, and some kind of plastic polishing compound. Several companies have products available on the market with this, I favor the main one produced by the Eastwood Company.

Begin by taking out the tail lights in the vehicle. Many people will endeavour to depart the tail lights in in this step, yet it’s not suggested as possible slip and accidentally sand lower your cars paint. Once removed begin sanding lower the lenses together with your 400 grit wet emery paper. There is no need to sand the whole lens, just any blemishes in it. You may even decide to sand lower the Us dot lettering along with other part figures at the moment, to provide a cleaner look. Make sure to keep your emery paper wet.

After you have finished sanding lower the lens, wash it completely with water and soap. I suggest utilizing a dish soap with this part because the de-greasing agent within the soap will remove any remaining wax which may be around the lens. Dry the lens fully.

When the lens is dry, it is time to begin the polishing process. Spin the buffing wheel and begin to get the polishing compound you have in the auto body repair supply house in it. Don’t take to much compound around the wheel, sufficient to begin to alter the colour from the wheel. Start putting it on towards the lens, but take care not to sit in a single position for to lengthy as this makes a over heating issue be responsible for a warped and melted lens. Move rapidly backwards and forwards within the lens and you’ll avoid this problem altogether. Wipe any excess compound served by the towel. Should you start getting black blobs at first glance its an indication that you’re using to much compound.

At this time continue buffing before you see preferred results. It will not be lengthy now until your old lenses possess a new glass like finish! Relax, relax, and revel in your results.

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